What was Singapore's population in 1290-1396, 1511-1699?

What was Singapore's population in 1290-1396, 1511-1699?

Michael Barr calls 1290-1396 and 1511-1699 Singapore's first and second periods of prosperity.

Are there any estimates of Singapore's population during these two periods? (Even rough orders of magnitude would be helpful.)

McEvedy and Jones's Atlas of World Population History (no longer in print, but if you can find a copy, buy it) has a separate call-out for the population of "Malaysia and Singapore". Obviously, that's not Singapore alone, but it could certainly be used as a ceiling.

It shows that entire area having about 300,000 souls around 1300, and steadily climbing up to about 600,000 by 1700.

A report from a Chinese traveler in 1330 was that there were two settlements on the island, so it wasn't a unified urban unit at the time. If you can find a version of his writings in a language you can read, its possible he might have provided a better idea of the rough size of those settlements.

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